Custom or Stock? How to Choose the Right Food Photography

“I called a highly recommended food photographer for a project that our company is doing, and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the estimate”!

Custom food photography done by an expert in the biz is not anything like hiring your next door neighbor’s daughter who just finished photography school. It can take up to 10 years to become proficient in this specialized niche market, so the cost for a good food photographer matches her experience level. Then, there are additional costs which include food stylists, assistants, prop budgets and groceries, and all of a sudden the cost of the job seems much higher than you thought it would be. But, for the big project, hiring a competent professional is the key to marketing success! A well-equipped studio run by a great photographer can mean the difference between a slam dunk marketing campaign and a complete waste of money.
If custom work is simply not in your budget, or if your images don’t require more than a quick call to attract viewers, then stock photography might be right for you. But, buying stock photography can be like surfing channels for a show worth watching on TV … completely frustrating! Large stock companies with tens of thousands of images may not have one single image that fits your needs completely. That is why our founder, 20 year veteran food photographer, Susan Bourgoin of Visual Cuisines, started Our food and drink stock photography site has truly usable, visually appealing, high quality stock photography images. All of these images are created with the same care as custom work, using professional medium format cameras, with super high resolutions. Our images are perfect for print or web use and our clients are using the images for enlargements, printed banners, email campaigns, and blogs.
We are excited at how quickly our small company is growing as we are adding new images every week and featuring monthly polls for content creation.
If you haven’t had a chance to check us out yet, click here and receive a free image just for signing up!

Images available starting at $10   ©, 2015
Images available starting at $10
©, 2015

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